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Summer 2018

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Tyler Heart Institute capabilities expanding

As it moves into its second decade, Community Hospital’s Tyler Heart Institute continues to expand the care and treatment provided to the local community and beyond. Earlier this year, a structural heart program was launched, focused on repairs to the heart that can be done less invasively than through open-heart surgery.

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Retired fire captain gets a new valve in a new way

Ted Bell’s heart valve was failing. In his 89 years, he had put it through its paces: 10 years traveling the country as a professional baseball player; 30 years fighting fires; a retirement that wasn’t very retiring, with his five-day-a-week visits to the gym; and 56 years volunteering with the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

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Double-valve replacement is a gift

Dan Haynes was working at a military base in King Salmon, Alaska, when he noticed his heartbeat had turned erratic. Though he makes his home in Idaho with his wife Diann, he spends six months or more each year working as a radar technician in remote regions of the Arctic Circle. It’s a tough place to feel unwell.

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Heart disease no match for retired general

The news was bad. Ord had four arteries so severely clogged they couldn’t be opened with stents and instead required open-heart surgery. Dr. Gregory Spowart, a gifted heart surgeon from Community Hospital’s Tyler Heart Institute, performed the three-hour-plus operation that saved Ord’s life.

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Making sure the doctor is in

Montage Health takes on the challenges of recruiting, retaining physicians to try to improve access to care. Having access to care is critical to having a healthy community, but doctors, especially those in primary care, are in short supply. Estimates put the national shortage at between 12,000 and 31,000 doctors.

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Mobile clinic takes care directly to those who need it

The sky-blue, 40-foot bus rolls up to a Monterey office building every Tuesday and to the Walgreens in Seaside on Thursdays. It carries medical supplies and equipment to treat minor injuries and maladies — coughs, colds, infections, sprains, strains, abrasions, high blood pressure, low blood sugar, and a wide range of other common issues.

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Allergy or side effect?

Misunderstanding your response to a medication may limit your treatment options

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Lessons learned from four joint replacements

Lynda Milligan has become a pro at joint replacement, getting all-new hip and knee joints over the last 20 years, all at Community Hospital, and all by Dr. Gregg Satow. She learned that the hard way. Before her first knee replacement, she didn’t do the exercises that were recommended to help prepare for the surgery and recovery.

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Picky eaters a common family phenomenon

Sparrow is what average people and clinical specialists call a picky eater — a super-common thing among young people, says Taylor Gann, a pediatric wellness coach at Community Health Innovations, part of Montage Health.

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Community benefit

Every year, we put millions of dollars and thousands of hours back into the community to meet healthcare needs and support local organizations. In 2017, we spent more than $165 million and devoted 16,603 volunteer hours under the hospital’s Community Benefit Program.

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Employee of the Year

Praveen Datt started work at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula as a receptionist on one of the nursing units and, over the 32 years that have followed, has built a reputation for organization, dependability, and, especially, problem-solving.

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Gifts from our community

Philanthropic contributions are crucial to our health.

They help pay for patients who can’t pay for their own care, for new technology to diagnose diseases earlier and treat them more effectively, and for state-of-the-art facilities, designed specifically to promote healing. Who gives? Patients pleased with their care. Neighbors who want to invest in the community’s well-being. Staff members who believe in Montage Health’s mission.

Thank you to our donors.
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